When your daughter adores My Little Pony cartoons, puts it on repeat or likes to watch them then you have the idea for her next birthday! In this article, I have gathered the main steps you need to take to organize a perfect My Little Pony party. I will also share with you pictures of the party I did to complement your imagination.

My Little Pony Party Supplies

We used the following decoration elements for the party:

My Little Pony Freebie

Get most of the designs that I mentioned above absolutely for free by completing the form below. You will receive a download link to hi-res 300dpi My Little Pony party kit!

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My Little Pony Party Pictures

My Little Pony Backdrop

Once you have the birthday theme, the next step will be ordering of a My Little Pony banner. Needless to say that such a backdrop will be the main decoration element of the party. Moreover, it will astound your daughter along with the guests invited to the party.

My Little Pony Party Kit

Now we need something to complement the personalized Pony backdrop. The best idea would be to use a matching party set with the same Pony figures and color theme.

A good My Little Pony party kit should include:

Additionally to what we already have you may add themed cups and plates. And also cocktail tubes featuring your child’s favorite cartoon heroes. There are plenty of those on Amazon and eBay.

More of My Little Pony Decor


From both sides of the table, we may place balloons inflated with helium. Go with multicolor balloons but match the My Little Pony color theme as using random colors may look awkward and inconsistent. Usually, they use white, pink, blue, purple and yellow balloons. You may also want to enrich them with foil stars and numbers.

Full-height Figures

Big or even huge My Little Pony cartoon figures is another great thing to have at a birthday party. The bigger they are the better. It will strengthen the wow effect both for the birthday girl and her little guests!

Entertainment Ideas

Of course, all that I have mentioned above will not make the party joyful itself. Book animators, think up interesting child contests, prepare master-classes to get to the max level of happiness!

I hope this article will help you organize an unforgettable My Little Pony birthday party for your beloved little ones!

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