Rugrats Backdrop

The design is available in two versions: printed and shipped to you OR digital file for local printing. You'll get a design proof within 24 hours, guaranteed!

  • Printed
  • Digital
  • 2' x 2'
  • 4' x 4'
  • 6' x 6'
  • 8' x 8'
  • JPEG File
  • PDF File
  • Other Format
  • Pole Pocket
  • Grommets
  • No Finish
Hi-res design
up to 600dpi
You'll get a proof
within 24 hours
Printed on a
14 oz. vinyl
FREE shipping
to USA and UK

Product Description

Imagine a big and colorful Rugrats Backdrop with your wishes for your child. Not only it adds a personal touch to your party but it gives a subtle sense of love to your birthday hero. This is an exciting present and an easy way to upgrade your party place.

It’s hard to describe kids’ feelings to a personalized backdrop with favorite heroes. And thanks to hi-res graphics we use you get sharp and clear prints that amaze. Enrich your party and make it unforgettable with our Rugrats Backdrop design!


  • Personalizable with your text by our in-house designer
  • Fast turnaround. Get it in your email inbox within 24 hours
  • 4’ x 4’ ft (122 x 122 cm) convenient size for fixing/hanging
  • 300dpi hi-res graphics for clear and sharp prints that amaze
  • Printshop friendly JPEG image file (other formats on request)
  • Print out the design at any print shop that is convenient for you


Rugrats Backdrop is a digital image personalizable with your text by our in-house designer. Provide us with a custom text on the checkout and we will personalize the design with it. Your kid's name and age or brief birthday wishes work best.

You will get your design by email as a hi-res image available through a download link. Fast turnaround, expect to receive your file within 24 hours after purchasing. By default, we provide you with a printable JPEG image file. Alternative raster file formats are available on request.

Note that we don't handle printing and shipping. A print shop you choose may do that for you. We recommend Vistaprint for its price/quality ratio and convenient shipping options. Please contact your print shop before purchasing this digital design.

Use Cases

Birthdays, baby showers, themed parties, these are the few of the numerous use cases for the Rugrats Backdrop design. But before ordering, think about a way of placing it at a party place and fixing the printed backdrop.

Use Examples

Placing such a large party element should not be a hassle if you give it a thought beforehand. A good place for it is behind a cake table or somewhere in the same room. It would be wise to place the backdrop not far from a cake table or dining table. Since you will have much better-looking pictures if you invite an event photographer.


You may fix such print either to a stand or to a wall depending on which material you printed it. For heavier prints like on vinyl, you may use adhesive hangers or nylon ropes. While for paper prints, office metal tacks may be enough. And if you are a lucky one who has a banner stand, then hang the print on it using zip ties or double-sided tape.

Benefits of the Rugrats Backdrop

Premium Quality

While our competitors don’t care much about the resolution of images that large we do. 300dpi hi-res images is a quality standard for us even if it’s a big 4 by 4 feet backdrop design. We check all graphics for quality issues several times before sending you. So you will get a Rugrats Banner image which looks clear and sharp when printed.


Kids want all the attention! Even if we are talking about party decorations. Add a personal touch to your event by personalizing this design for your child. It’s easy to leave us your custom text on the checkout page. Include your kid’s name and age or short birthday wishes or even both to make it look perfect.

24h File Delivery

You don’t have to wait for your order for eternity. Expect to receive your printable image file within 24 hours after purchasing. Even on weekends! So you can upload the image to a professional printer even sooner and without delays. If you need it asap, let us know by sending an email.

Plan Your Way

Going with digital design is great both for when you need to print it out asap or have plenty of time before the party. We know that awful feeling when the party date has come but the banner hasn’t arrived yet. Once you have the file you can print it out at any print shop that supports necessary sizing.

Your Print Shop

You are free to choose a printing place and materials for your party banner. With the boom of online print shops, you no longer need to wander in search of a professional printer. Moreover, print shop employees will help you decide specifically for your event.

Suitable Image Format

We provide designs in a JPEG image format that most print shops accept. If that’s not your case please feel free to contact us for help. We may offer rasterized images like PDF, PNG, TIFF, etc. Although we do not provide source files like PSD, AI, etc.


Our Rugrats Backdrop design is a great present and an easy way to upgrade your party. You're not getting a generic design but a personalized one for the birthday hero. Hi-res graphics and vibrant colors of our designs will add much fun and enjoyment to everyone invited. With a little effort to print, it will give that special touch to your party.

Common Questions

How to purchase?

1. Hit the "Add to cart" button.
2. Leave your wording in the "Notes to Seller" section and purchase the item.
3. We will personalize the design and email you an image file within 24 hours. Please message us if you need it sooner.

How to download my image file?

That's easy. We will send you a download link to your customized image file. Once you open the link, click or tap on the file name to start the download. Note that the link expires in 14 days since we have limited storage space.

Where do I print it?

You may print out the image file at a digital print shop. For instance, you may order a printed banner on Vistaprint's website. They will handle printing and shipping for you. Here is a quick link to their Vinyl Banner Configuration Page. Upload your backdrop design and follow their instructions. If you are not convenient doing so yourself, give Vistaprint a call for help.

Have more questions? You may find answers on the Frequently Asked Questions page.


Item Type

Printed, Digital


2' x 2', 4' x 4', 6' x 6', 8' x 8'


JPEG File, PDF File, Other Format, Pole Pocket, Grommets, No Finish


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