Preparing The Fixies Party: The Essential Guide

September 11, 2020

The Fixies: Top Secret also known as Fixies or Fiksiki is an animated show about tiny mythological creatures unknown to humans that live inside machines, appliances, and devices, carefully maintaining and repairing them with tool-filled backpacks.

What's great about this cartoon is that kids can easily learn how things work in their daily lives. The characters explore objects such as scales, mirrors, vacuum cleaners, thermometers, etc. They describe mechanics in simple, easy to understand ways with great visual effects.

No wonder children are quickly attracted by the cartoon and of course, wish to see The Fixies characters at their birthday party. Read on to find out what steps you need to take to prepare a great looking The Fixies party decorations and make your kids an unforgettable surprise!

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Here is what you need to know, have and do before the party to make it unique, successful and memorable:

  1. Time. You should have at least a few weeks before doing anything. Since you may need to wait until printed supplies arrive or until bakery you may have ordered is ready for the party. So it is very important to plan ahead.
  2. Party place. Decide on the venue for the event. This can range from your backyard to a local café or restaurant that rents space for children parties. There should be enough space for all the decorations, dinner tables and guests entertainment.
  3. Party supplies. This is one of the most important things. Great quality and good-looking supplies will blow your kids imagination while giving lots of excitement.
  4. Printing. While you may use your home printer for the party kit and invitations, the backdrop needs professional equipment. I will be expanding on this topic below.
  5. Bakery and confectionary. You may want to order a birthday cake and confectionary from a local baker. Or if you are a master chef then you could bake everything yourself. Also, having just the cake and cupcakes may not be enough. All kids love candies I would suggest buying some they love at your local supermarket.
  6. Entertainment. Sometimes kids may get bored during the party. So it's worth investing time in thinking up contests and picking music for crazy party dances. You may also delegate this job to professional entertainers in your local area who have The Fixies costumes. You will be lucky if they do!

Choosing Party Colors

First, you need to think about the basic colors for the party. Why? Because then it will be easier to pick suitable The Fixies party supplies such as balloons, plates, cutlery, etc. Obviously you don't want some of your decorations to look like they don't belong here 🙂

It would be wise to choose colors that relate to The Fixies theme and look great together. Fortunately, this step is simple as we just need to see which ones are used in the show itself. Oh, my...but it's a cartoon and it's full of colors so hard to tell which ones to use!

No worries here, let's take a look at the characters dressed in blue (Nolik), orange (Simka, Toola), green (Papus, Verda), pink (Masiya). These colors will look great together and you can see it on the pictures below. By the way, it appears each Fixie has its own story and you can learn more about everyone on their official website.

The Fixies Backdrop

The Fixies Party Table by PartyKidShop
The Fixies Party Table by PartyKidShop

Presents may be not the only exciting thing for a birthday hero you know. How about a big sturdy The Fixies banner with those little creatures wishing “Happy Birthday” and your child's name on it?

Just look at the picture above and imagine how your child would feel? When kids enter the room and see the banner, they are simply amazed! I can't describe feelings they get seeing party place decorated just for them.

Getting back to reality, it is important to think about securing and placing your banner first. You can use adhesive hangers, nylon ropes or, if you are lucky and have a stand, hang a banner onto it with a pole pocket or with zip ties through the grommets. A good place for this festive element is behind the party table but may be anywhere in the room for kids to see it clearly.

For our party we used a 4 ft (1.22 m) by 4 ft (1.22 m) backdrop that we designed and printed ourselves.

The Fixies Party Kit

The Fixies Party Kit by PartyKidShop
The Fixies Party Kit by PartyKidShop

For the event we used the following The Fixies party supplies:

  • The Fixies Birthday Garland
  • The Fixies Invitations
  • The Fixies Wish Cards
  • The Fixies Bottle Labels
  • The Fixies Cupcake Toppers
  • The Fixies Cupcake Wrappers
  • The Fixies Birthday Caps
  • The Fixies Medals for Contests
  • The Fixies Thanks for Coming Labels
  • The Fixies Popcorn Boxes
  • and of course, personalization for your kid that is like an icing on the cake

Printing Out Supplies

So by now you should have downloaded all the necessary party supplies. The next step you need to take is to find a reliable place to print. You may either try a local print shop like Staples, Office Depot OfficeMax, FedEx Office etc.

Or order banner printing online on sites like Vistaprint, BannerBuzz, BestofSigns etc. The process of uploading images to a print shop shouldn't be complicated. However, if you are uncomfortable doing it yourself, please contact their customer support for assistance.

Important thing to note. When contacting a print shop, make sure to ask if they can print your files as sometimes they may refuse you due to copyright reasons. Their answer may vary from place to place but just in case ask them beforehand to be on the safe side.

Matching Table Setting

Also, it would be great to find a table setting matching the Fixies theme. Unfortunately, at the time of writing I couldn't find any ready-made table settings available on Amazon, eBay or Etsy.

So instead, I suggest ordering plates and cutlery in matching solid colors. Keep in mind that you need to use the themed colors that we chose in the first step! Otherwise, it might look strange if you decide to go random.

Entertainment Ideas

The Fixies Party Entertainment
The Fixies Entertainment

What will you do if your little birthday hero with guests get bored? Nobody wants that for sure, it’s a party after all!

In this case, think about how to entertain the kids. As an option, for The Fixies birthday party you may invite professional entertainers like we did. Everyone enjoyed spending time with huge Nolik and Simka. Professional mascots know well how to make children forget this annoying “I'm bored”!

Another cool thing is to get helium balloons in The Fixies theme colors (from this step). Put them to the sides of the party table to make it look more colorful. By the way, you can use balloons not only for decorating. Give them to party guests when they leave. This will extend positive feelings to everyone even after the event.

The Fixies party cake ideas
The Fixies Party Cake is Burning 😀

Assembling Party Supplies

You should have already received your printed materials if you ordered them online. Or, maybe you just returned from the printing shop with printed Fixies on sheets of paper. So it is time to cut out and glue all the items for the party.

First, take sheets of paper, one by one, and cut out of them all the objects. Then take a regular glue stick and use it to make popcorn boxes and caps for your birthday. Now we need to take the bottle labels and glue them to water or juice bottles. With a hot glue gun, you can attach toppers to wooden skewers, and tie bows from the ribbon to it. Or you can use clear glue tape if you don't have a glue gun at home.

Finally, we have the Fixies party supplies assembled and ready for use!

Venue Decoration

So the Fixies party day has come, the day your child has been waiting for so long! It's time to decorate the place and make sure everything looks perfect. Give yourself enough time for the decoration process before the party starts. We leave about two to three hours to do it without rushing.

The Fixies party supplies by PartyKidShop
The Fixies Decorations by PartyKidShop

It's wise to start with larger elements and then move on to smaller ones. Usually we start with placing a party banner, which becomes the main element of the decor. Then move to attaching your birthday garland to the party table. After that place on the table water bottles, juice and sweets that you ordered from your local baker. It is convenient to place colored balloons to the sides of the party table.

Summing Up

Thank you for reading the guide and getting way down here. Now you should have a bigger and clearer picture about how to prepare The Fixies party. Once you go through all the steps above, pat yourself on the back and move on to welcome party guests and have fun!

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