How to Decorate a Fantastic Minecraft Birthday Party for Boys

January 20, 2019

Minecraft is a very popular computer and mobile game these days. Especially across kids who attend junior, and secondary schools. PartyKidShop was happy to decorate a Minecraft birthday party for a wonderful 7-year-old boy David.

So we have designed and printed out the Minecraft birthday party supplies. We used colors from the original game like brown, light green, dark green, and yellow. Getting ahead kids were amazed by all the party set items, the backdrop, and candies!

Table of Contents

Minecraft Birthday Supplies

The amazing Minecraft supplies we used for the party were:

  • Minecraft Invitations (sent to guests prior to the event)
  • Minecraft Backdrop
  • Brown, Green and Yellow Latex Balloons
  • Minecraft Birthday Cake
  • Minecraft Themed Table Settings featuring Steve, Alex, and the Wolf
  • Minecraft Themed Water Bottle Labels and Juice Bottle Labels
  • Minecraft Themed Popcorn Boxes
  • Minecraft Themed Paper Garland

Minecraft Party Pictures

The Decoration Process

The Backdrop

First of all, we fixed to an aluminum stand a large 4 by 4 ft (122 x 122 cm) Minecraft party backdrop. It featured heroes from the game and personalized wording for the birthday boy. The backdrop became a centerpiece for the cake table and the whole party. We made the atmosphere even more festive by adding large balloons to both sides of the backdrop.

Cupcakes and Candies

After that, we moved on to placing the candy bar elements. Chocolate cupcakes looked like ground and the green buttercream on top was for the grass. Once we had cut the cupcakes to pieces we got real-looking “Grass Blocks” as seen in the Minecraft game!

We have used blue and green cake pops, labeled those as “Diamonds” and “Slimeballs”. Also, added Minecraft party candies wrapped with golden foil and labeled as “Gold Bars”. Kids’ imagination was floating all over the place! It wasn’t accidentally that we used exact item namings from the game.

Water Bottles

For the water and juice, we used conventional bottles from a supermarket. Before the event, we switched the bottle labels with the ones we had printed.

The Cake

There are a lot of ideas on the internet for the Minecraft birthday cake. Yet, we came up with a square one which would look like a real “TNT” bomb from the game. But the most epic moment for the kids was when real sparkles (a.k.a. cold fountain) were burning on the cake. This moment was the real WOW effect for the boys!

Instead of a Conclusion

I hope that this blog post has helped you find more birthday party ideas for Minecraft event. You may want to decorate a Minecraft themed party for your kids or clients as well. To make it easier, you may find some of the party elements from the pics in our online Shop.

You may find the Minecraft backdrop in various sizes. Printed and shipped or digital, whichever option works best for you. Our professional designer can personalize it with your wording (like name, age, etc). Also, you can amaze party guests with Minecraft Invitations. Moreover, you may fill them out with your party details and print out at home.

Visit the Frequently Asked Questions page for more information. You may also send us a message through the Contact page if you have more questions.

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